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The greatest success of Flor de Sal

Is the wine tastings, which we do almost daily in our store. The tasting is a way to become familiar with and better understand wine in an enjoyable and fun manner. At the tasting we have between 4 and 5 different types of wine, and for each one we analyze the following: color, aroma, flavor, and texture.

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Or if you have a group of at least 6 friends, reserve a date for your own fun and enjoyable tasting with us!

Please note, it isn't required to have any prior knowledge of wine.

When we talk about a wine tasting and wine tasting, we must differentiate the tastings for consumers who often have a guide who explains about the wines, professional tastings where wine tasters tested and using the sense of taste, smell and sight, they write their impressions of the wine to rate.

For the wine tasting is not influenced by foreign elements that might confuse the taster, it takes place in a space equipped good lighting, devoid of odor and airy, with an average temperature using a transparent glasses and colorless to you can appreciate the color and brightness of the wine.

Types of wine

Vertical tasting:

If it came from the same warehouse but different vintages crops or tested.

Horizontal tasting:

If different wines are tested but all the same vintage and with the same designation of origin.

Blind tasting:

If several wines on which are tested not have any information about their origin because the bottle and the label is not visible.

Learn to enjoy wine tasting at Flor de Sal.

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Private and Personalized Tastings Do you want to have a wine tasting course that is more personalized and pertains more to your own tastes? Contact us, and we can discuss what options are available for you.